Friday, February 2, 2007

Assignment 2 (part 2)

Edward Weston

Edward Weston was born in 1886 and began photographing just 16 years later. He received formal training at the Illinois College of Photography in 1908 and opened his first photo studio in 1911. In 1932, Weston became a founding member of the f/64 group. He took his last photos in 1948, then died 10 years later in 1959 at age 71. Weston was best known for his photos of natural forms, close-ups, nudes, and landscapes.

An important part of Weston's natural studies were photos of vegetables and shells. Many of these photos possessed a surreal quality as regular objects became abstract forms. The unusual angles present a different perspective and the heavy lights and shadows greatly emphasize every detail. In Weston's photographs, a pepper looks more like an extraordinary sculpture than a plain vegetable, lost in so many twists and curves.


Lee Friedlander

Lee Friedlander is an american photographer born in 1934. He specializes in capturing moments and scenes we experience or encounter every day. However, Friedlander's style is unique because each of his images are very powerful with strong, dynamics lines and bold contrasts.

Friedlander's work shows these familiar scenes from a different perspective. The world is seen through his photos in black and white, and many times from unfamiliar angles. His pictures of urban life sometimes appear deserted while every element somehow feels natural. He also leaves little or no empty space around his subjects, which makes each photo interesting.


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